This is the presentation page of the PhD course in Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering.

The PhD program aims to train high-profile figures with a solid multidisciplinary background in the field of Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering, disciplines and topics closely related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) jointly approved by the European Commission (European Skills Agenda) and by the United Nations (United Nations 2030 Agenda). The training that the PhD student will be able to receive will be broad, in-depth and transversal as:

the composition of the Doctoral Board is articulated through the skills of Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering, and is enriched by the contribution of the basic subjects suited to the study of materials, thus making the panorama of knowledge that the PhD student will be able to acquire complete during the journey undertaken;

the approach of the members of the Doctoral Board to the respective disciplines ranges from analytical/numerical modeling to experimental activities, “case studies” and educational laboratories, thus offering a panorama of tools (skills) that can be easily transferred to the professional future of the students students;

alongside hard skills, the Course, in line with the European Skills Agenda, will place particular emphasis on the development of “soft skills” such as communication and relational skills, “team work” and “problem solving”, openness mentality and adaptability, through the development of group work, “project works” and laboratories.